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So snorting anywhere from six-ten 2mg Xanax bars every day will pose a menace of overdosing or creating any extended-perm influences, if what I’m studying is appropriate?

Hello BJ. The only method to diagnose probable brain injury is to seek the counsel of a neurologist and also to go through diagnostic processes, like an MRI or CT-scan.

I just experienced a engagement damaged off by my girl friend mainly because she is certain I'm addicted to hydrocodone! Yes, I've taken hydrocodone with the previous 2 or three yrs for Persistent knee agony from arthritis, but generally it only bothers me when taking part in golfing or strolling a good little bit.

I took 15mg of Xanax and missing consciousness, I haven't any memory of what took place or Command in excess of what I used to be doing. I ended up receiving arrested for a thing I didn’t even know I did.

The quantity of Xanax and simply how much I’ll contact can be lethal? Talk to this issue not to be Risk-free but to deliberately overdose and die. I don’t want to help you I don’t want advice if you really know what I was experiencing you'd probably do the exact same.

I are actually in horrible psychological ache for around two months and two days. I dropped my nephew to an overdose. I haven't been sleeping extremely very well. I wakened this morning at five and only experienced a number of several hours of snooze.

Because of a panic attack. Right now my heart is beating and pounding at one hundred forty five bpm. Do I have to head over to ER? Can’t breathe to very well.

My son weighs 220. Took a zany bar very last evening all-around 10pm. article He's not able to stroll or discuss or have any motor Manage. It’s now 8am. Do I take him to your er?

My dr prescribed Xanax for me at .5 mg. the prescription claims take one-2 at nighttime. I took the two and actually come to feel from it. I don’t remember if his explanation perhaps I took one and after that took two much more later not remembering I had currently taken just one. Will I be ok?

Sharon, you'll be able to die from likely more cold turkey. I would see A different psych asap or reach a healthcare facility that can handle your mental problem. xanax withdrawal is not any joke. Grand Mal seizures are not any fun.

Good day Stan. I’d propose you take him on the doctor’s Office environment to generally be examined. To me it looks like a results of mixing a lot of substances in a short time period.

I just took them to generate me slumber all day long rather than really have to put up with him until 3oclock when I must Cook dinner his supper. Will I be ok.

I just wound up creating myself incredibly I’ll. And I understand there is anyone available who'd Enjoy for you to be about. I realize that the millisecond I read your write-up I understood, undoubtedly, that I continue to required Debbie around And exactly how I wager shes a pretty interesting particular person! Deep breath.

If I take oxycodone and Xanax jointly, what might be the maximum total I could take safely, in just a 24 hour period, I definitely DO NOT would like to OD

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